Assembly of your bike

While your bike comes mostly assembled, for easy and cost of shipping it will require a small amount of assembly out of the box. Generally, it will require handlebars, front wheel and seat assembly. If the bike came with pedals these will also need fitment. It’s really important not to mix up your left and right pedals – the right pedal has a normal thread (so the ‘righty tighty, leftie loosie’ rhyme applies), but the left pedal has a left handed thread.

An easy way to remember ‘which way to turn’ is to know that rotating forward (in the direction that the wheels move), tightens and rotating backwards (in the direction the wheels don’t go) loosens.

The bike comes with directions on assembly and only need basic tools to successfully complete your new bike. When removing the bike from the box we suggest that you do not damage the packaging just in case you need to send the bike back. It is important that if required the bike is sent back in the exact same condition and packaging as received.

We strongly recommend that you have your bike assembled by a qualified bike mechanic. This will ensure that it is safely assembled, and you won’t have any problems with the fitment. Not using a qualified bike mechanic is done so at your own risk. Any malfunction or fitment issues due to assembly by the customer will not be covered under warranty and any damage caused as a result of improper installation will not be covered under warranty. Bikes Instore Pty Ltd will not be held responsible for any damage due to assembly by the customer.