Cycle to Beat COVID-19 Blues

Cycle to Beat COVID-19 Blues! Yeah! you read that right… Events have been postponed and for now, socialising in person is off the table. While the government’s Coronavirus recommendations (Covid19) allow us to isolate ourselves and maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from each other if you can safely get out into nature or go for a walk or head-clearing bike ride will help to reduce the effect of isolation on your well-being.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy and inspire the nature around you-even if you don’t have a garden with tips for involving the kids. We are all well aware of the importance of both our physical and mental health that cycling will offer.

Here are a few things to consider while riding a bicycle to minimise all possible risks to an appropriate minimum.

Is it safe to ride outside?

Definitely yes for as long as you’re on your own.

Right now, the safest option for riding is to go out and ride alone and enjoy the outdoors, in non-crowded areas. Then, when you learn your route should be less crowded try to time your trips.

Daily exercise, as research shows, helps to improve the immune system to fight off colds and flu and there’s no better time to start riding your bike.

Getting moderate to vigorous activity in 30 to 60 minutes can help your immune system keep viruses at bay. Make sure you know what’s happening in your region and whether there are any limits or mandatory self-quarantines. And, you shouldn’t go out if you’re sick or at risk of spreading the virus.

Would it be ok to take my kids for a ride?

Yeah, if you are all right, not isolating yourself (due to various symptoms like cough or fever) and living in the same household. Have a look at our range of affordable and branded kids bikes online.

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If we don’t live in the same household may I ride with my friend?

If you don’t live in the same household, you cannot travel with your friend. You just have to be cycling with people living in the same household. It is because each of you may have been infected but there are still signs of COVID-19 symptoms to show.

Do not go outside if you are feeling unwell

If you are feeling sick, or if you have signs of cold and flu, please don’t go out. Going out for a ride can also be a great way to clear the system but our advice is to not to go and not put anyone at risk. We also have a duty to reduce the spread of this or any disease to each other.

If bike shops are open, is it safe to go to a bike shop?

Bike shops are busy with lots of people coming in to test and buy bikes. Why risk going to a bike shop to buy a bike or to buy bike accessories? We are open 24/7 online. You can get your bike or bike accessory delivered to your doorstep with Bikes Instore.

Cycling Hygiene

Take hand sanitizer with you on every journey. Clean your hands before, during and after the trip-and certainly when you rest or meet others at the coffee shop.

Stopping for the coffee halfway through or post-ride? Take away your helmet and gloves, and leave your bike with them. Your mates don’t want sweat spilt on the table.

In general, be aware of your interactions with others and take simple measures to protect yourself, such as washing your hands, avoiding direct contact with others and not touching your face, so you can reduce the risk of several different infections. Understand, while everybody’s concentrated on coronavirus, flu still circulates widely.

Let’s make an effort to concentrate on the things we can manage, not those we can and for us, that means getting out and experiencing the good things in the life of riding a bike.

We want to spread positive vibes at a time when we all desperately need it.

Share your bike story with us. Tell us what you love about mountain biking or share your best piece of advice and we’ll share it on our website and on social media channels Facebook or Instagram.



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