Fuji Transonic 2.1 18 Satin Silver / Cyan 52cm

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We all have wants and needs when it comes to a superior road bike.

Quite often we learn to control and settle our wants with reality. After the first look at the Fuji Transonic 2.1 2018, you’ll realise it doesn’t settle, and it doesn’t seem to be part of this reality.

Study after study has shown that aerodynamics is the single most important factor when it comes to unleashing the full potential of a rider. These improvements can come from many areas, such as body position, deep-section wheels, and helmets. But the frame is one of the most important places, which is why Fuji launched the Transonic. It combines all the latest aerodynamic developments of the past few years into a single, race-proven platform.

Fuji Transonic 2.1 2018 is the culmination of years of aero engineering in the A2 Wind Tunnel. It is the epitome of all knowledge gained & lessons learned channelled into an aero road bike that is a no-compromise machine built for the pursuit of speed with control & achieved through optimum stiffness & stable steering geometry. The Transonic slips through the wind while putting every watt of power you generate to the ground to get you to the line first. Bikes Instore has a great range of road bikes for sale.

Aero Unleashed

The culmination of years of aero engineering and a no-compromise pursuit of speed with control, Fuji storms onto the aero road market with Transonic: a carbon race bike that is precision personified – allowing riders to unleash unparalleled speeds without restraint.

Fuji Transonic has Real Control

With aerodynamics conquered and a new potential for unprecedented speed, Fuji focused next on unwavering control to instil the Transonic’s riders with the confidence to push the boundaries of fast.

Easy-to-service and user-friendly might not be top priorities for some brands, but Fuji engineers know it’s these thoughtful details that matter most.

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