Progear E-Shock 27.5*16, 8 Spd MTB E-Bike


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The Progear E-Shock is a 27.5″ Shimano Altus Rapid Fire Plus 8 speed Alloy Electric Mountain Bike with the Bafang MAX-01 Electric Drive System. The Progear E-Shock is a pedal assist bike using the acclaimed Bafang MAX-01 E-Bike system. The 36v/11.6 AH Phylion battery has Panasonic cells and as the matched Phylion charger complies to all required standards. The Alloy frame is available in three sizes, 16.5″, 18.5″ and 20.5″ ensuring a good fit for cyclists of all sizes and requirements.

Features of Progear E-Shock 27.5*16, 8 Spd MTB E-Bike

  • The 27.5″ tyres roll over obstacles more easily, have a smoother ride uphill or down, provide more traction and once moving are easier to stay moving.
  • In short, they will take you anywhere, and the extra power from the Bafang electric motor will get you there and back again.
  • Reliable Tektro Cable Disc brakes provide all the stopping power needed
  • The alloy frame, rims and components make the Progear E-Shock light weight but with the strength where needed.
  • The Mid Drive Bafang motor is 26v/250w and limited to 25km/h ensuring Australian Standards compliance.
  • Mid drive motor powers through the drivetrain (transmission) of the bike which enables the motor to help with long and steep climbs and power up to high speeds on flat roads.
  • The lower centre of gravity also provides better handling, easier to lift on and off a bike rack and removal of either wheel is easier.

Travel distance on our Electric Bikes:

  • The travel distance after a full charge on this e-Bike can vary from 30km to 50km.
  • There are several factors that will affect how long the battery will last after a full charge.

Factors include:

  • Level of pedal assistance – higher level of assistance will use more battery charge
  • Weight of Rider and Luggage – more weight may require more power from the battery
  • Terrain and Weather Conditions – Terrain and wind may cause drag, and will require more power to maintain speed.
  • Tyre Conditions – Incorrect tyre pressure may create more rolling resistance
  • Traffic/Route Conditions – Stop/Start cycling may use more power to accelerate up to appropriate travelling speeds.

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Product Specs
Weight 63 kg
Dimensions 146 × 23 × 75 cm
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