The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Bike for You

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Are you looking to choosing the right bike for you?

If you are looking for fun on two wheels, there is a wide range of bikes available for you to choose from, all designed to cater for multiple purposes. From the daily commute to exciting adventures with the family or taking your bike off-road, there are plenty of options available on the modern market, so it is important to choose the right model for your needs.

So, here is your guide to bike shopping across all purposes, as well as the safety considerations you will need to take into account along the way.

Standard road bikes

For the best experience, doing plenty of research into specialist cycling is the best way to find a bike that’s suited to more niche interests. If you’re not sure how what make to opt for, heading in store can help you assess sizes and features according to your skill level and abilities.

Additionally, if you’re looking for cheaper options, make sure you keep an eye on a few aspects within the specifications. Otherwise, you’ll likely end up spending more on repairs than you would buying a higher-end model. Things to check on include:

  • Check that the frame is sturdy and without damage, ensure every component in the drivetrain (cranks, cogs, chain, derailleur and gear shifter) is working smoothly.
  • Check the brakes; if they get stuck or offer resistance then they may need replacing or be a cheap model. Also make sure there are no buckles in the wheel and that all spokes are in place.

Buying BMX bikes in Australia

If you’re exploring this path, it’s important to ask yourself what sort of riding are you looking to be involved in. Are you hitting the local skate park or a complex BMX track? Or are you throwing it down a punishing downhill trail?

For racing, a lightweight frame is what you are looking for, when you’re on the hunt for BMX bikes for sale in Australia. Preferably, opt for one with an aluminium and carbon fibre body.

A standard BMX wheel is 20 inches, but you may want larger rims if you plan on some hard landings from tricks or bush bashing.

E-bikes – what are they and should you get one?

Not every rider is going to be capable of jumping on a bike and churning out big distances.

E-bikes are a great option for commuting as they offer a battery-powered assist with pedalling, with some models even coming with a throttle.

This means you can ride faster and longer without being an experienced cyclist. They are also a lot of fun as well and often encourage riders to get on their bike a lot more often.

These bikes are more suited to road use around town and are best not used for jumps and off-roading. We’ve covered all of the essentials of buying one of these models in our recent article on how e-bikes in Australia work.

How to shop for a bike online

Purchasing online is convenient and often cheaper, but there are many things to consider. This form of shopping is a convenient alternative, but it pays to have done your homework beforehand. Know exactly what specifications you’re after and how you’re going to tackle assembly once your order comes.

If you’re unsure of where to start we always highly recommend getting in touch with our team to understand what model would suit you best.

Also, the benefits of shopping online through Bikes Instore means you can utilise Afterpay for flexible payments and installments.

Safety considerations and cycling laws in Australia

Bike riding laws vary from state to state, so ensure you check with your local transport authority the rules you need to follow before hitting the road. Here are the different laws across all states and territories:

If you’re not up for exploring each of these individually, we’ve put all of the most important cycling laws in Australia together in this post.

The accessories you’ll need to choosing the right bike

The first (and compulsory) bike accessory you will need it a helmet. Ensure it fits will, meets

Australian safety compliance and that the straps etc are comfortable.

There are options to get breathable helmets too, that encourage air flow.

You will also need a repair kit and pump for the road. There are many options available from basic puncture repair kits to all-inclusive tool kits for repairs on the run.

Reflective accessories and lighting will likely be required by law for night riding, depending on your location and you will need a quality lock to ensure your bike is secure.

You can get a range of other accessories as well to suit your needs, including phone and water holders, baskets and an array of gadgets.

Choosing the right bike for your ride

Within the modern market, there are options to suit each individual and their needs.

As a rule of thumb there are makes designed specifically for the road and for the great outdoors. For example, BMX bikes are great for racing and for tricks while mountain bikes make for good all-round options.

There are many different shapes and sizes, though, and they are made from different materials for different purposes, so double check all the details before you make a purchase

Choosing the right bike for your kid

When it comes to picking bikes for your children, the considerations are very different than buying adult versions.

Many parents will elect to buy a larger model that children can grow into, but this is not recommended as it’s not the safest approach.

You can choose the bike by wheel size, with Choice providing a handy guide for purchasing for your young one:

  • 2-4 years: 30cm
  • 4-6 years: 40cm
  • 6-8 years: 50cm
  • 8-11 years: 60cm

Australian legislation also dictates that children’s bikes should have two different braking mechanisms (hand and foot) and you should avoid chrome wheels (despite their shiny nature being attractive to children) with aluminium the safer option.

Speak to our team to get started, if you’re not sure what details you need to compare during your search.



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